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«Тashkent» International Logistics Center

The establishment of the logistics center was started in 2007 on a land plot of 18.4 hectares.

The construction was carried out by using modern technologies related to warehouses and cargo handling that allowed to create optimal conditions for providing high-quality logistics services.

The center began its work in March 2017 on the basis of the newly established company "Interlogistics LLC".

The center was given the firm name International Logistics Center - United Cargo Center (UCC).

The center offers the wide range of logistics services related to reception, storage, customs clearance and dispatch of goods.

There are all facilities for handling various types of cargo - from perishable to large-size.

The center is located on the main regional and international transport routes:
- 2 km from the railway station of Sergeli;
- 3 km from the ring road of Tashkent;
- 7 km from the Tashkent airport;
- 43 km from the northern border railway station Keles.

- covered warehouses with a total area of 18,000 square meters equipped by automatic fire extinguishing system;
- refrigerating and freezing blocs with a total area of 800 square meters;
- warehouse-sheds with a total area of 20,000 square meters equipped with overhead cranes load-carrying capacity up to 10 tons;
- container sites with a total area of 22,000 square meters.

- railway and automobile access roads, ramps;
- electric and diesel forklift trucks;
- fueling station;
- car weights;
- electric transformer substation and diesel electric generator;
- pumping station and water reservoirs;
- office building;
- video surveillance and territory protection alarm system.
At the request of the customer, the cargo can be stored in indoor warehouse, in covered warehouse or on open area. Also, cargo storage can be carried out in containers. The service of round-the-clock security, as well as a modern high-resolution video surveillance system, supplemented by highly sensitive motion sensors, provides reliable protection and storage of customer's goods.
Depending on the customer's request, the cargo can be unloaded or uploaded manually, also using special loading equipment. Depending on the status of the goods, the unloading can be carried out to the customs warehouse, to a conventional temporary storage warehouse or to another vehicle or container.
On the territory of the center there is a customs service where declaration and customs clearance for import and export of goods is carried out. Full or partial customs inspection is carried out, the goods are processed in various customs regimes, such as IM-70, IM-40.
On the territory of the logistics center there is indoor customs warehouse with an area of 5400 square meters, in which the customs clearance of import, export and transit goods arriving in various vehicles is carried out.
On the territory of the center there are open areas under the customs regime, one of which is in the covered warehouse and the second is on the territory of the container yard. This allows to deliver containers, as well as large and heavy cargo directly to the customs control zone.
Loading of the container from the railway platform to the vehicle or to the container yard and vise versa. Transportation of the container to the warehouse and unloading of its content into the warehouse. Preparation of the container for uploading, installation of cargo fasteners inside the container, fastening of cargo.
For goods that require storage in a certain temperature regime, there are boxes with refrigerating and freezing chambers that allow storage at temperature up to -25°C. Maintenance of the temperature is ensured by refrigerating equipment that has uninterrupted power supply provided by two independent power supplies and a diesel generator.
The center can organize the unloading, warehousing, storage and other operations with large-size and heavy-weight cargo. It can be industrial equipment, various metals, timber and lumber, machine tools, electric motors, transformers, generators, turbines, large-capacity tanks and so on.
Cleaning of containers and wagons from marks of road services, stencils, wire twists and internal fasteners, etc.
At the request of the customer, there is a possibility to organize a shipment of goods by rail or road transport to other regions of the country.
Electronic scales for weighing vehicles, both laden and empty, are installed on the territory of the center.
Loading of goods into transport means and registration of shipping documents for the shipment of goods by rail and road transport.
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